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US Tax Preparation for Nonresidents

The only online self-preparation software for nonresident federal and state tax returns

  • Provides an all-in-one solution covering both IRS and State forms, FICA returns and ITIN applications
  • Offers automatic generation of completed tax return forms
  • Guarantees a maximum legal tax refund for federal, state & medicare incl. tax treaty benefits
  • Assists you through the process via a 24/7 Live Chat, Social Media support, E-mail support, FAQ's and our virtual assistant Stacy
  • Amend your tax return easily online. Save time and stress

FEDERAL from $37.95

STATE from $29.95


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If you've already sorted out your Federal Tax Return, you can skip part of the process and easily apply for your state only.
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How Sprintax Tax Preparation Works

Create an account

Answer a few simple questions

Sprintax checks deductions and treaty benefits

Sprintax prepares the tax form

Print forms and send to tax authorities

What Does Sprintax Do?

  • Nonresident 1040NR federal and state tax return preparation
  • 65 international tax treaty agreements and exemptions
  • Maximum legal tax refund guaranteed
  • 100% US tax compliancy guaranteed

Prepare your US Taxes

from $29.95

Sprintax has helped 100,000 students, scholars, J1 workers, interns, trainees, professionals, au pairs and councillors prepare US tax returns

100% Compliance Guaranteed.

Fully Guided US TAX Preparation

  • Sprintax is the only online system for nonresident federal and state tax returns
  • 24 hr live chat with VITA Qualified Chat Agents-we're always available, wherever you are!
  • Prepare tax returns in minutes in an affordable, guided process
  • Authorised Nonresident Partner for TurboTax