Why Sprintax? We're the tax compliance standard
for nonresidents.

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IRS Certified Acceptance Agents

Ensure Compliance

At Sprintax, US tax compliance is our highest priority. We work with organizations across the US to ensure their nonresident employees, students and vendors are fully tax compliant.

By partnering with Sprintax you can rest assured that your international employees are taxed correctly from their very first paycheck and that the right amounts are reported to the IRS. And when the tax deadline rolls around, Sprintax will be here to help your nonresidents file fully compliant tax returns.

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Education & Support

When you partner with Sprintax, you can avail of a range of support resources for your nonresidents. We will supply your international employees and students with all of the information and guidance needed to remain tax compliant.

Our team will host regular webinars and share helpful content for your nonresidents outlining everything international workers and students need to know about their US tax obligations. And, should your nonresidents have any tax questions, they can reach out to our team through our live chat anytime 24/7.

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Reporting & Analytics

Sprintax offers a highly customizable reporting system to assist you in getting the data you need in real time.

  • Search for records
  • Expand or reduce the number of columns you need
  • Filter records based on multiple criteria
  • Combine views and filters with search results
  • Create and manage your own presets, add as many as you like
  • Download and export information whenever you need it!
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Data Driven Technology

At Sprintax, we have a unique understanding of the various challenges that businesses around the world face when it comes to managing international taxation, payroll and the free movement of people.

With this in mind, we have developed a suite of world-class products and services which enable our partners to access vital information about the tax compliance of their nonresidents in real time.

With Sprintax, your payroll staff will no longer be required to enter data manually or endure endless copy-pasting. Instead staff can manage all nonresident tax profiles in a single application, using an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Sprintax is a fully secure, cloud-based product. No software downloads or installs required. Users can login from anywhere at anytime.

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At Sprintax, we understand that our partners rely on a wide range of products and services in the day-to-day management of employee records, processing payroll and making once-off grant and award payments.

We also understand the challenge of data migration, so to help streamline the process from the end-user perspective, your existing systems can exchange information with Sprintax using either an XML integration, or RESTful API (JSON format). Web Single Sign-On capability is provided through Shibboleth, and you can use either your existing Identity Provider, or one hosted with us.

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