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Sprintax Payments is proud to partner with TransferMate to save you money on global payments

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Sprintax Payments?

Sprintax Payments, powered by TransferMate is a convenient and fast way to pay your international tuition fees on the go.

We have eliminated bank transfer fees and, as a result, you’ll save on every transaction. We also offer unbeatable currency exchange rates that you won’t find anywhere else.


Zero bank transfer fees and unbeatable exchange rates

You will save time and money with your payment


Easy & safe online payment solution

Our platform is secure, licensed and trusted by banks and regulators around worldwide


Convenient service

You can pay via credit card or bank transfer

piggy bank

Fast processing

Your payment will be tracked from beginning to end and will arrive with the recipient within 48 hours

Frequently Asked Question

At Sprintax Payments, we aim to simplify the process of paying tuition fees for international students. Say goodbye to hefty bank fees and charges, long processing times and complicated paperwork.

With Sprintax Payments, you can send money directly to your institution securely online and on the go. Our solution eliminates bank transfer fees and you will enjoy unbeatable exchange rates too.

The result? You save on every transaction!

Our sister company, TransferMate was established in 2010 by Terry Clune and Sinead Fitzmaurice. With their experience of providing global tax recovery and payroll solutions, the co-founders realized that many companies were encountering major challenges when making cross-border payments – including dealing with significant delays, costs and administrative difficulties. And so, TransferMate was developed to offer a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for transferring money internationally.

Today TransferMate has developed partnerships with banks and regulators, while securing licenses and regulatory approval around the world.

It can be expensive to send money directly from your overseas bank account to pay your tuition fees. Banks can often offer uncompetitive exchange rates and charge high fees. If you are sending thousands of dollars, it’s important to find the most favourable option for your needs.

What’s more, this service can also take several days to process. So, if you find yourself under pressure to send funds, the international bank transfer option can often leave you sweating.

When you transfer your money with Sprintax Payments, you can avoid bank charges entirely and enjoy favourable exchange rates. You can also guarantee that your payment will arrive at its destination quickly.

Yes. Every payment is fully tracked from the moment it leaves your account until it arrives at its destination. You can monitor the status of your payment within your Sprintax Payments account.

You can login to your account and track your payment using the email you have registered with.

At Sprintax Payments, we guarantee that your payment will arrive at its destination within 48 hours.

Sprintax Payments can manage transfers in 134 currencies.


Sprintax Payments is a licensed & regulated payment solution which is trusted by banks and regulators worldwide.

Each transaction is screened against 48 international sanction lists. All client funds are held in segregated accounts and capital is held against each transaction.

Finally, our website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 256 bit encryption to protect client data.