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US tax preparation for Non-Resident Au Pairs

  • Non-resident federal and state tax preparation
  • Built-in knowledge of over 350 different types of tax deductions
  • 65 international tax treaty agreements and exemptions covered
  • Maximum legal tax refund for federal, state & FICA
  • US tax compliance guaranteed
  • Assistance for Au Pairs.

An easy-to-use system for Federal and State tax Preparation for Au Pair Workers. Register now and get started.

How Sprintax Works

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  SprintaxNR SprintaxNRPro
Which product is the best for you Non-Resident Start Now $35.95 Federal
$25.95 State
Non-Resident Pro Start Now $49.95 Federal
$29.95 State
International Students check  
Internship/Trainee and Work & Travel check  
International Teachers/Researchers/Lecturers   check
Short-term scholars and Research scholars check  
Foreign Entertainers/Athletes   check
Professionals - specialty and non-specialty occupations   check
Business visitors, Intercompany transferee   check
Other non-working and non-studying visitors, tourists   check
Family members of students, scholars and research scholars check  
Family members of other visa holders   check
US income recipient without US entry visa   check
Au Pair (J1 Visa) check  
Camp Counselors (J1 Visa) check  
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